At Lifespan Counseling Center our clients come to us for a wide range of mental health services and help with many different mental health disorders. You are here because you or a loved one might need help with:

  • mood disorders,
  • family disruptions,
  • behavioral problems
  • childhood behavior issues
  • learning disabilities
  • addiction questions
  • how to weather a divorce
  • mediation needs

and so much more. 

It may seem that therapeutic approaches to these life-interrupting problems are vastly different and must be used individually.  However, studies have shown that you will experience the most effective relief when your therapist is skilled in providing a broad range of treatment methods.

Lifespan Counseling Center therapists have the training and skill to identify which therapeutic method will bring you the greatest benefit in the shortest time.  We balance your individual circumstances with the range of techniques available to us to bring you a raft of possibilities for relief.

You can familiarize yourself with many of these techniques using the dropdown menu above or by visiting the links below.



Alpha Stim for Depression and Anxiety

Integrated Listening Systems

We welcome your questions and inquiries.  After all, how can you know what therapeutic office is the best fit for your individual needs if you don’t ask questions?  Call us at 215-290-1815 to schedule time for a conversation about your goals and how we can help.