How our therapy works

We want you to know how our therapy process works!

You are in control of this process.  We want you to understand how our therapy works and why you can accomplish so much in a short period of time.  We can usually set and accomplish goals in just 3 months (12 weeks)!

  1. During your free 20 minute consultation we’ll talk about:
    • What brings you to Lifespan Counseling Center
    • How our process works and why it can give you rapid help
    • Payment options that fit your budget
    • Scheduling your first appointment
  2. At your first appointment we’ll:
    • Talk about and agree to the goals you want to accomplish
    • Talk about and agree to a customized plan so you know exactly what will happen
    • Agree to put our energy and commitment into the work
    • Agree to a payment plan that works
  3. Now we get down to work!  We’ll start our 12 weekly sessions and:
    • Move toward the goals we set together in step 2
    • Track our progress and evaluate how we are doing
    • Adjust the plan and goals when we need to to be sure we’re working on the things YOU want to accomplish
  4. At the end of our 12 weeks:
    • We’ll ask ourselves “Are we there yet?” We’ll review the goals we are working on to determine if we have accomplished everything you need.
    • We’ll decide if you want to continue working.  If so, we’ll set new goals and a new plan.
    • If you feel no further work is needed, we’ll review triggers to identify when you might need a “tune-up” or a new treatment plan.