About Lifespan Counseling Center

We understand that you may be searching for a counselor or counseling setting where you feel safe and understood.  You may be curious to know how it will feel — how it will affect your daily life — when anxiety, fear, frustration or depression begin to lift.  You may want to know about Lifespan Counseling Center and how we can help.

First we want you to know that we are a service and we focus on you.  From uncovering the challenges you want to overcome to setting goals and staying on track, we understand that therapy is a process and you are in charge of how that process works in your life.

That means we are trained in all the latest, most effective and fastest acting techniques available to therapists today. We will help you define and shape your goals, set targets, track your progress and make adjustments as you take manageable steps to achieve your goals.

We tailor your sessions to meet your needs

We will choose those therapies that apply specifically to your situation to help you reach your goals.  We have a broad and diverse therapy toolkit and will apply the most appropriate counseling tools to work with your situation.

So, if you want to improve your performance in a sport, art, work or school, we will use different techniques than we would use if you wanted relief from depression or help with a collaborative divorce.

We have evolved an innovative process for helping you transform behavior, relationships and performance as quickly as possible.

Dr. Andrea Sywulak and her team will provide you and your family with safe, rapid-acting healing for all stages of life, childhood through adulthood.