Don’t just “find” yourself.




Transform relationships and performance

at every stage of life.

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Your Brain Can Change

And, if your brain can change, you aren’t a prisoner of your past.

You can improve your life – no matter what your age.

At our Southampton, PA child and family counseling center we work with you and your family in our safe, non-judgmental atmosphere of acceptance.  At Lifespan Counseling Center we help you learn new skills to manage any part of your life that isn’t working the way you want.

Our Focus is on What You Need

We work with you to identify your goals.

We use the latest techniques and tailor them to your needs.

It's All About Your Life and Your Goals

We help you find the performance improvement, relief from depression, stress and anxiety, improved relationships, release from PTSD or addictions, or the physical comfort you want.

And we can often give you self-healing tools and techniques to help you continue making progress between counseling sessions.